It Is NOT To Late To Send Envelopes For Red Envelope Day!

Help Put An Exclamation Point On This Week’s March For Life…

A Follow-Up Delivery Is Scheduled For Wednesday, February 6th!

The unborn cannot speak for themselves.
They need you. They need your voice. NOW!

In 2009, Red Envelope Day was the largest citizen demonstration since the Vietnam Conflict.
We voiced our concern to a vehemently Pro-Abortion White House…

And in 2013, our unified voice MUST make Red Envelope Day a bigger, better,
and even more effective Declaration for Life.

The outcome of this election was difficult… and that is all the more reason for your voice to be heard. Right now, you can send your voice directly to Washington D.C., deep into the Halls of Congress, beyond the marble columns of the Supreme Court, and into the heart of the Oval Office.Send Red Envelope Day Cards here!

Join millions of others who believe as you do that all life is sacred. Let your voice be heard.

Click the “Act Now” button to the right to send your empty Red Envelopes easily and automatically…

January 22, 2013 is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Four decades of the killing of innocent. Four decades of tolerating murder. Four decades of shame upon our nation. That is why we are calling upon you to help us make January 22, 2013Red Envelope Day 2013

The Largest Outcry Against Abortion America Has Ever Heard.

Think of it. Four decades of abortion treated as just any another contraceptive. And through four decades of Democrat and Republican Administrations and Congressional control, the killing has continued.

In 2009, millions of empty red envelopes were delivered directly to the White House – each symbolizing a life not lived, each sending an undeniable message of truth and life.

Now, in 2012 with an even more extraordinary delivery system it couldn’t be easier to make your Pro-Life voice heard.

Every single Red Envelope Day Envelope you send for delivery on January 22, 2013 memorializes one child’s life left empty by the scourge of abortion. Those Red Envelope Day Envelopes will be a vivid reminder that you will not tolerate abortion on demand in America.

Don’t miss this urgent call to send 1.2 million Red Envelope Day Envelopes–
– one empty envelope for every child aborted in America every year!

And not only will decision-makers in Washington hear your voice through millions of Red Envelope Day Envelopes, but the success of Red Envelope Day 2013 will also raise up to one million dollars for Pro-Life Organizations who are on the front lines of this life-saving battle.

This gives you the double opportunity to have your voice heard and to support the very best Pro-Life warriors in America.

Don’t wait. It’s incredibly easy to get started right now. We have done all the work for you and sending your Red Envelope Day Envelopes is completely automatic:

STEP 1: Click the ACT NOW button to the above right or click this link.

STEP 2: Choose the political leaders and media – “decision makers” — to whom you want to send your Red Envelope Day Envelopes. You can send your direct message to Barack Obama, your Federal Legislators, the Supreme Court Justices, and the media including Fox News and MSNBC – all the way to Rush Limbaugh.

STEP 3: Complete the form to send your Red Envelope Day Envelopes – a powerful pro-life message.

That’s it. You’re done!

Make Your Pro-life Voice heard loud and clear across the land.

So much is at stake – the lives of the unborn – that we’ve made sending your message to Washington, D.C. easier, more affordable and far more effective. Along with several million others, we will flood Barack Obama and many others with a sea of powerfully symbolic empty Red Envelope Day Envelopes.

And you can do it all with just a few clicks of the mouse that’s in your hand right now.

Millions of Red Envelope Day Envelopes from America’s voters will help them make the right choice
The decision for LIFE

Send Red Envelope Day Cards here!Don’t make the mistake of doing nothing. 2013 could be our last chance to make a difference for Life in Washington D.C. Now is the time to act!

Click on the big RED Button that you see on this page or here to create an overwhelming news story that the American media cannot ignore.

And along the way, you can remind Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and all the Justices that their decisions have life and death consequences.  Remind them that every life destroying ruling they make means hundreds of thousands of children who will never be allowed to live. Lives snuffed out by Supreme Court pro-abortion positions… but not if you take real action right now send your cards to decision makers in Washington D.C.

You can be the voice of the unborn. If not you, then who will do it for them? Your Red Envelope Day Envelope is the only voice they may ever have.

Your participation in Red Envelope Day 2013 will help flood the offices of Barack Obama, key government officials and prominent American news media with this very clear message: We The People Must Protect the innocent lives of unborn babies.

And remember, 100% of the net profits that are realized through this site will support the organizations that are working to make Red Envelope Day 2013 a success. So, your envelope isn’t only the voice of the unborn, it is also a way to directly support key Pro-Life Organizations that are fighting every day for life!

Go to the “Send RED Envelopes” tab, click here or push
Big Red “Act Now/Send Envelopes” Button
and send your Red Envelope Day Envelopes now!

Your voice must be the one to save them.